Gain pleasant diamond shopping experience visiting lugano

Moti Ferder is the Philanthropist who has started a new firm called Lugano diamonds and is serving as the CEO and founder of it. He started his career as an Army man and slowly pursued his passion for jewelry designing. He started designing the jewelry since young age and with the acquired experience, he started his own firm and is gaining huge profits in the jewelry market. Moti Ferder has made a name for himself as the best jewelry designer in the international jewelry market. He started Lugano diamonds in Israel and slowly established as the best jewelry designer in the market. This unique diamond retail store has started its salons across the globe with the first one in California. This store has started receiving many customers from the start of the day. It has gained the attention of jewelry lovers with the unique and timeless jewelry designs. The company is into procuring diamonds, cutting the diamonds, and designing the jewelry as per the client requirement. In addition to selling jewelry, it also sells precious stones that are hard to find in the local diamond market.

In the year 2015, Lugano diamonds has named as the official diamond partner of HITS desert circuit and HITS Ocala Winter Circuit. With the superior quality jewelry designs, it has gained a huge customer base across the globe. Within a short time span, this company has gained a huge reputation as the best and reliable international jewelry brand. By using the experience and knowledge, Ferder comes up with latest designs from time to time to woo its customers. Wearing the jewelry designed by this expert will let you to flaunt the wealth and status in your circle. The inviting and welcoming experience of Lugano stores will drive people to have an incredible diamond shopping experience. This company is involved in different phases of diamond manufacturing process from procuring to designing and promoting it in the market. Moti Ferder has become the best diamond cutter and jewelry designer in a short time of starting his career as a jewelry designer.

Written By Stefan Dalagano